What Pirates Taught Us About Marine Safety

When most people think of pirates, they think of something like Johnny Depp from the Pirate of the Caribbean.  However, modern pirates are nothing as glamorous nor as benign.  Today’s pirates are armed with automatic weapons, war ships decked out technologies and speed.  But what has not changed from the Hollywood movies is that the pirates are still seeking to rob, maim and kidnap the wealthy on the four seas.



Ten Simple Home Security Gadgets that Every Homeowner Must Have – As Seen on Rachael Ray

Recently Al Corbi, founder of SAFE, visited an average middle-class neighborhood to show how most homeowners do not take even the basic precautions to safeguard their home.  The results of his findings were featured in a segment of Rachael Ray show.  But more importantly, he introduced 10 simple gadgets that would make a house more like a fortress.