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Because we want to be protected – not merely record the damage.


There is no greater measure of effectiveness then performance. And there is no security company on Earth that can come close to SAFE’s 50-year record of never once having had a Client, their family, property or possessions violated within the SAFE environment. SAFE is understandably proud of this unique level of effectiveness and success in protecting its Clients.


Born and raised into a family with high security, schooled in architecture with architectural based security as his core focus, 23-years of service with the U.S. Department of Justice while consulting with other governmental agencies such as the White House, 50-years as President of a global security firm with projects ranging from the World’s 1st $1B home (India) to a $103M security system for a single estate property (USA) to a leading political figure (Ukraine), to superyachts and corporate headquarters and numerous other uber global security projects, to a simple $1,300 project to protect one of Oprah Winfrey’s followers. The depth and breadth of SAFE’s experience is unparalleled.


SAFE’s ability to obtain leading-edge technologies before governments can react, modifying those technologies for custom applications then rendering them aesthetically pleasing and/or invisible exceeds any level of military implementation.


For a security system to provide protection it must be capable of overcoming threats- not merely seeing them (cameras), or announcing them (burglar alarms) or documenting them (recording devices), or hoping you are better equipped and luckier than the criminals (self-defense or bodyguards). As consumers we have been lulled into a false sense of security by the notion that the police (who cannot be everywhere, all the time) and burglar alarms (that can only make noise) will somehow provide protection in our time of need…THEY WON’T!

SAFE is the solution!


 “Al Corbi is one of the World’s Top Guys when it comes to home safety.”


 Oprah Winfrey

“When you least expect it, a human intruder’s worse nightmare.”


  HISTORY Channel – Modern Marvels

“There is a science to safety. SAFE has perfected that science.”


Al V. Corbi

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