About SAFE

Strategically Armored & Fortified Environments

For over 47-years, SAFE has provided the most effective security solutions for residences, businesses, yachts, and collections. SAFE’s architecturally-based solutions make safety inherent to properties. There is no better measure of the effectiveness of SAFE’s protective systems than its flawless 47+ year record of never once having a client, their family or property harmed. Each SAFE solution is built around the principle of isolation. Simply put, if a threat cannot reach you, your family or possessions, then you cannot be harmed. 


SAFE systems are transparent in response to security requirements and the expectations of our discerning clients. SAFE has mastered the art of embedding highly developed systems into the most sophisticated interiors with little or no sign of their existence. Using its own proprietary products, best-of-breed suppliers and materials from around the globe, SAFE provides the finest and most elegantly designed solutions. In addition to their aesthetic advantages, discreet solutions provide a heightened level of security because you cannot defeat what cannot be seen, and there is nothing more intimidating to an aggressor than the unknown. 


As the leading pioneer of architecturally-based security for over 47-years, SAFE has amassed a significant amount of vital intellectual property, experience, proprietary products and techniques. SAFE systems are custom designed to overcome all levels of threats from mild to extreme, both natural and manmade. It is through extensive experience that SAFE is able to provide both the security and budgetary requirements of our clients to an exacting degree.   

The following are examples of SAFE's work and accomplishments: 

- Created the most advanced private shelter to date– a project costing in excess of $100M (USA) 

- Provided a risk assessment of threats and vulnerabilities for the first $1B home (India) 

- Creating a comprehensive security system for one of the most exclusive estates in the Ukraine (Kiev) 

- Built a strong coalition with architects in Asia (Beijing) 

- A flawless 47-year record of protection

Al V. Corbi, SAFE's president and founder, was born into a family with high security and became accustomed to its protocols in his youth. Majoring in architecture in college, Corbi began laying the foundation for his architectural based security system throughout his 10-years of college. While still in college, Corbi started his company and began designing high-end residential and superyacht projects. In 1975 Corbi's design work caught the attention of the U.S. Department of Justice. For the next 23-years Corbi worked in tandem with his design firm and our government as DOJ's senior designer, maintaining a security clearance. Since his retirement from government service, Corbi has dedicated his career to his private sector clients- globally.