About SAFE


For 50-years, SAFE has provided the most effective security solutions for residences, businesses, yachts, and collections. There is no better measure of the effectiveness of SAFE’s protective systems than its flawless 50-year record of never once having a client, their family or property harmed. 


SAFE systems are transparent in response to security requirements and the expectations of our discerning clients. SAFE has mastered the art of embedding highly developed systems into the most sophisticated interiors with little or no sign of their existence. Using its own proprietary products, best-of-breed suppliers and materials from around the world, SAFE provides the finest and most elegantly designed solutions. In addition to their aesthetic advantages, discreet solutions provide a heightened level of security because you cannot defeat what cannot be seen, and there is nothing more intimidating to an aggressor than the unknown. 


Being safe covers a very wide range of possible threats from a porch package thief, to an armed home invasion, to a direct nuclear strike- and everything in between. The first step in developing an effective security solution is understanding the level of threat. The second step is understanding the many options that can neutralize the threat. The third step is bringing the best options in line with the with expectations and budget. The fourth and final step is the design, implementation and handover of a security solution that meets those expectations and budget to an exacting degree.

      Fortunately, we are living at a time in which no threat, short of the Earth falling off its axis, cannot be protected against. SAFE provided a security solution that will protect 28-people from all known natural and manmade threats, living lavishly in the equivalent of a 5-star hotel for as long as it takes for the threat to subside or be neutralized. This $100M+ system is the quintessential security solution which required engineering and components from around the world. Another project was a commission to protect a Chicago family from a home invasion. This $1,300 system works brilliantly and only required components from a local home improvement store.

      SAFE provides the specialized experience and skill-sets that help our Clients understand their level of threat, the many options that can neutralize their threat, working through the many options to identifying their best options, then implementing a security solution that meets their expectations and budget to an exacting degree.

      Security is scalable. There is a perfect solution to meet every requirement. But with hundreds-of-thousands of options, the challenge is bringing together the best options then integrating them into the best possible solution. SAFE excels at this process.