"It ain't what you don't know...


"It ain't what you don't know that gets you in trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so."

                                    Mark Twain

The problem is that the entire security industry is developed around the notion of supplying individual components rather than complete, fully functional, integrated solutions. This becomes clear when viewing the dynamics of crime and what it takes to be truly safe.

"Your home is a safe probably is not."


Most homes, even gated communities and estate properties, provide little if any deterrence or protection. Home invasions are the least risky, most lucrative activity for criminals, with staggering collateral damage for the homeowner. In addition to the home invasion, which is a life-threatening event, there are the following threats:

- 60% of all rapes occur during home invasions

- 38% of all assaults occur during home invasions

- a burglary is recorded every 12 seconds

"Burglar alarms protect your family...they don't."


 Burglar alarms make noise, not security. By the time an alarm goes off a determined criminal is already in the home. Even silent alarms that notify the police do nothing to protect the residents, and the results can be deadly. 

"The police will be there when you need them...usually not in time."


SAFE's systems are based upon Corbi's HALF HOUR PRINCIPLE . Once an alarm is triggered the criminal is probably already inside. Assuming the police respond, it typically takes up to 30 minutes or more for help to arrive. Anything that is going to happen; be it kidnapping, rape, murder, etc., is most likely going to happen in the first 15 minutes or less. Therein lies the problem.

"Safe rooms provide the ultimate protection...they don't."


While safe rooms ( panic rooms ) have been the focus of much public attention, as stand alone facilities in residential applications their effectiveness is highly questionable. On average it takes between 7 to 10 seconds to get from a break-in point to the master bedroom. There simply isn't enough time to gather your family members into a safe room. However, when used in conjunction with a Safe Core, the safe room becomes an effective part of a complete safe environment.

"Security guards are the answer...the best guards are only human."


Even armed guards are vulnerable to an attack. Loyalty is an added concern.  SAFE's systems enhance the security guard function by keeping them isolated in a crisis and the client in ultimate control of the guards and the situation.