You have questions, SAFE has answers. SAFE is a valuable resource that provides timely, expert solutions to many of life's challenges on a daily basis. And- this valuable resource is a simple phone call away- 


Inquiries are held in strict confidence and are a courtesy.


SAFE's president has been featured in the media on 5-continents for his extraordinarily effective security solutions protecting families, captains of industry and heads of state, globally. Not once in 45-years have any of SAFE's Clients or the possessions been harmed in their SAFE environments. SAFE looks forward to bringing this high level of protection to you, your loved ones and your possessions, along with the Peace of Mind it provides.

Consultation is $350 an hour.


SAFE provides remote and on-site risk assessments. The value in the information and direction effective risk assessments provide cannot be overstated. SAFE is a world renowned authority in risk assessments, migitation and management having consulted on risk assessment projects are diverse as the world's first $1B home (India) and joint venturing with AIG.

Remote Risk Assessments begin at $350.

On-site Risk Assessments begin at $350 plus travel.


There is no "One Size Fits All" or "Silver Bullet" when it comes to effective protective systems. Effective security solutions are as varied in both scope and cost as the people and possessions they are protecting. For this reason, security systems should be custom, not necessarily expensive but rather individualized. And a good design will invariably lessen the cost of a system through efficiencies in integration. For over 45-years, SAFE has provided some of the finest designs available.

Design costs begin at $1.00 per square foot.


The key to a successful installation/ implementation is experience. This should not be measured in a company's longevity but rather the individual experience of its installers. While SAFE has been in continuous operation for over 45-years, its true mark of ability is the extensive experience and deep knowledge of the subject matter each of SAFE's installers bring to their trade.

SAFE's strong buying power in the industry allows SAFE to price its installations below MSRP and pass those savings onto its Clients.


SAFE systems begin with enterprise level components and best-of-practice installations. This assures a high level of service with minimum maintenance. Having SAFE provide remote scheduled service and as needed on-site maintenance assures Clients uninterrupted protection with the least amount of component down-time for many years to come.

Maintenance contracts begin at $150 per hour.